Business Plan Update

Living on a distopia?

Those days are not ordinary apprently, more than 7 million people infected by Covid 19 so far, and we lost some of them unfortunately. This is the first worldwide pandemic hit the humanity at 7 continents simultaneously. And, many nations got caught unprepared and some of them hit deeply. And that makes us think one thing only, are we living on a distopia?


Stay healty, serve healty

Since the disease turned into a pandemy, we primaly focused on one thing, be healty! If you are not healty, you can’t work and serve. This is a very basic rule if your only aim is to keep serving your customers in pandemy conditions. Then we quickly evolved our own contingency plan by taking all national and international warnings and suggestions into consideration. We found out our vulnerable points and eleminated all risks as much as possible. And, the result is fascinating so far. Since the disease first seen in Turkey, no employees of Adamar infected, even a single one of them… Brillant, isn’t it?


Life on board

Under new prevailing conditions, many seafarers entrapped on board due to postponed crew changes. Level of stress increased among the crew members while doing one of the hardest jobs in the world, especially with extended contracts and cancelled shore leaves. Therefore, we started feeling more responsible then ever against our sailing companions and acted more responsible and committed, since the disease outbreaked. Fortunately, we hear some crew changes were made in some places and this is encouring for the future.


New rules to protect crew

If you maintain your good health conditions, you may assure seafarers’ good health as well. This is a very basic rule, but not the only key to keep them fully safe. Moreover, we needed more extended measurements in order to support our policy. Not boarding is suggested unless it is necessary, wearing Covid 19 PPEs before boarding, not entering into accommodation compartments unless necessary, strictly keeping social distancing with the crew of the vessels, and some other crucial rules that must be implemented by our boarding members. We very well know the fact that ship’s crew is much more vulnerable due to nature of their work and we acted responsibly more than ever therefore.


Keeping the supply chain alive

Since the pandemy outbraked in our region, we successfully completed delivery of orders on time despite countless restrictions imposed by national and international bodies. But, how did we manage that? Answer is simple, good softwares, good hardwares, good operational plannings, good communcation, team work habits evolved in years, proactive approach for stock monitoring, more responsibility, little bit of increased hard work. Some magic may be? Not at all… It is the result of pure harmony of all factors existed.



Seeking a new normal

All of our operations went well so far. However, the war against an invisiable enemy not over yet. Some nations are seeking to establish a new normals nowadays, while some others are still struggling. We desperately need new normals to regenerate social and economical life and going back to “before pandemy” with the presence of pandemy. Looks like first round of the game is over in some countries, and our government lifted some restrictions in the name of normalization. However, there will be more rounds in this fight till the humanity formulates a certain vaccination against the desease. For our side, we are still fully committed and feeling the same responsibility that we felt at early stages of Covid 19. Our motto is still the same “Geared up and hands on… We keep serving and supporting…” Because, we are well aware of that those days will only be history if we keep our heads up and steadily working.


Go Confidently

Adamar International Ship Supply