Business Continuity Plan during Covid-19 Pandemic


Geared up and hands on… We keep serving and supporting…

We are facing tough times… You can name it … turmoil, chaos, catastrophe, but it’s a virtual war from our window. A war against an invisible enemy. There are many fronts in this war and many heroes fighting fearless. Some people fight as a part of National Health Services, and some of them fight on board as Seafarers to keep the world-wide supply chain alive. They (seafarers) are away from their homes and trapped on board currently. We know these times are difficult, and our sailing associates need our support more than ever before. Therefore, we are tireless, and of course with more precautions during these times.

Vessels bring us food & products and we supply their needs back. We care & support Seafarers with our full stock & continuous services amid Covid-19. We are proud to fulfill our social & business responsibilities successfully and make Seafarers’ life better with good food & quality products on board.

Pleased to inform you that our warehouse is at maximum stock level. All our offices are operational and 185 members of our team work 24/7.

This letter is to inform you that Adamar International Ship Supply Co. has been following the latest best practices from the WHO and health professionals on containment of the virus in order to adopt the best possible actions. Be rest assured that we have implemented all precautionary measures to ensure continued safe operations.

Health remains leading priority, but we are also trying to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on our supply operations in Turkey, so we would like to share our Business Continuity Plan during Covid-19 Pandemic period as follows;

Business Continuity Plan for Supply Operations:

Since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, for all our operations we have been following strict internal health protocols such as deep cleaning program in the office, daily temperature monitoring, personal hygiene regime, social distancing, restricted travels to certain regions.

Our boarding representatives and delivery drivers have been utilising Personal Protective Equipment such as antibacterial hand satinisers in all vehicles & disposable latex gloves. All deliveries, until further notice, will be subjected to additional Covid-19 restrictive measures for the Safety of our Staff and customers.

• Our Boarding Representative and Delivery Drivers have been instructed to contact the vessel’s nominated Person – In – Charge via telephone when the delivery has arrived at quayside.

• Both the vessel PIC and Boarding Representative will coordinate how the delivery will be completed in terms of pallet transfer. The boarding representative will not board the vessel before, during or after the transfer to ensure minimal ‘person to person’ contact – Staff have been instructed to keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from vessel personnel to minimise contact.

• Similarily, deliveries at Anchorage will follow same process.

• Delivery Notices & Customs Documents to be signed as normal procedure to confirm exchange of goods.

Business Continuity Plan for Office Team :

• Office team is well adapted to the new working schedule. They work from office & home in turns in order to have minimum physical contact. While working remotely, Company has provided all necessary devices for easy working & communication. Our inhouse software (APPA) allows us to work efficiently and all process (from procurement till accounting) run online. We have regular meetings on-line as the coordination between departments is important for perfect operations.

• Emails are monitored & replied even during general lockdown/curfew period. Our clients & partners can reach related person on their contact numbers. Our emergency contacts are also reachable 24/7.

• In the offices we comply with social distancing guidelines (1-2 meter) and we use protective mask as precautionary measure.

• Temperature of all our colleagues working in the offices & warehouses are checked whenever they enter the premises.

• All domestic & international travels and customer visits are suspended until further notice.

Business Continuity Plan for our Supply Chain :

• The impact on Supply Chain has also been reviewed; Adamar has increased stock on hand levels  both from domestic and international market. All range of items are available in our warehouses for our customers; in the meantime we have overseas consignments on their way which will arrive soon to keep our stock at optimum level. We have alternative suppliers in case we not able to source from our regular ones. Hence we are taken all necessary steps before hand to minimise any negative effect of Covid-19 on our supply chain.

• Adamar International Ship Supply will continue to manage all aspects of our supply chain.

You can reach us on our office number, our mobile numbers and general company e-mail addresses.

We wish everyone all the best in these difficult times and stay healthy!…

Kind Regards,

Taner Topkara

Managing Director

Adamar International Ship Supply Co.