ADAMAR INT. SHIP SUPPLY provides 24/7 supply service under any circumstances in order to live up to its customers expectations. With our experienced employees, mostly with strong marine brackground, we provide full support to the crew and always try to find the best and most suitable solutions for the  vessel.In case of emergency at sea, our newly formed RIDING TEAM, consisting of three  people: our chief engineer with more than 10 years experience, our engineer who is also highly qualified and holds license of chief engineer as well  and our experienced fitter can visit the vessels on board, instantly provide technical service and solve any urgent problem. In other words the vessels don’t have to call at a port to receive urgent technical service and can continue their voyage without getting out of their route. All members of our riding team obtain all the necessay documents: seaman book, visa and cover insurance so they can sail on the vessel without any problem.


Along with our RIDING TEAM our IN-HOUSE WORKSHOP is also worth mentioning. In order to make your  job easier and fulfill all the expectations deriving from your side we are here to carry out maintenance and repair jobs for you. Our specialized team of Engineers, technicians and fitters complete the required jobs, at very short time and in a low cost. We can undertake and control all the machinery, electrical and engine problems that may come up and solve them in the best way. Needless to say that the materials used during these kind of jobs  are of high quality and when the service or repair job is completed detailed report is  given by our side.

ADAMAR never leaves you alone.  While sailing or at ports we are always near you to cover your needs at the best way. You are not our customer, we are partners.