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We, ADAMAR INT. SHIP  SUPPLY , are here to cover all the needs of the vessels and their crews. Not only we take care of the vessels but we also meet the requirements and personal needs of people working on them. ADAMAR acquires modern facilities of latest technology that enables to stock  a great range of  provisions and stores at the utmost conditions . We can provide you with a huge variety of local and international food products categorized as following: Fresh and frozen products (fruit, vegetables , meat ,fish , poultry, cold cuts), dairy products, dry products (canned products and spices), Indian and Ethnic food, bonded store (Cigarettes, Alcoholic Beverages,Wines, Soft Drinks, Fruit Juice, Mineral Water, and Snacks) and finally Personal Care Products. Meanwhile we can supply seasonal  food products for special days or occasions eg: New Year Special food.


All of the above  are carefully preserved according to the hygiene rules to our especially formed warehouses. When it comes to food the quality is our priorıty and we deliver your orders at the utmost conditions. Our trucks are specially designed and own separating walls which allow us to deliver both your provisions and the technical orders at the same time, in different parts of the truck, without changing the temperature that provisions have to be kept.  All our fresh stores are received from local Suppliers the day of the delivery and they are delivered by special refrigerated trucks which ensure the maintenance of their quality until they reach the vessel. The temperature of the refrigerators is continually monitored and the datas can be shared with our customers upon their request. We cover the needs of crews of any nationality and our reward is your feedback that motivates and makes us continuing with more eagerness and passion for our job.

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