At ADAMAR, we give importance to sustainability at every stage of our operations. Our main principle is to keep following ethical values and being socially responsible in addition to protecting the environment. We have a strong sense of social duty and obligation to the communities we serve, and we are also aware of our global responsibilities.

Our sustainability journey began in 2022 with a thorough evaluation of our practices, where we identified 17 key goals. This was a result of extensive discussions with our employees, reflecting our shared dedication to making a positive impact.

Our Vision For The Future

As ADAMAR, we are driven to do the utmost for a more sustainable world. Our efforts today lay the groundwork for tomorrow's progress. By integrating sustainability into the core of our business operations and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we aim to create lasting value for all our stakeholders.

Our commitment is unwavering. We promise to show more efforts year after year, driving progress not only within ADAMAR but also together with our partners, employees, and communities. We are confident that we can make significant steps in the world of sustainability.

Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration on this important journey.

Taner Topkara
Managing Director

Our Focus Areas

Our sustainability strategy covers key areas where we believe we can make the most significant impact:


We ensure a healthy and peaceful working environment, regular check-ups, and supplementary health insurance for our employees. One of our top priorities is the welfare of the crew on board, and we aim to give them the best services.


We reduce our ecological footprint. We have an environmental volunteer group from our employees and we organize cleaning and planting trees campaigns. We have environment-friendly applications at our offices and warehouses, for instance; we use reusable/recyclable packing, and we have a minimum waste policy for our delivery operations.


We take steps to combat climate change by adopting sustainable energy solutions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We supply our products from our nearest warehouses and consolidate the orders. Besides, we use renewable energy sources.

Risk Management

We strengthen resilience by anticipating and managing environmental and social risks. We operate six warehouses and local & international offices; we support, develop, and inform each other internally, which makes us more resilient against environmental and social risks.

Social and Economic Development

We contribute to the sustainable development of societies through fair practices and economic empowerment. We support the economy and employment with our over 500 employees. We have a policy of giving priority to new graduates and women's employment. We have also marriage, birth and death benefits. Besides, we take part in encouraging social and educational equality through directly our company and also through social associations sponsorship and donations.