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Sustainability Report

During the year 2022, along with the continuous changing process that our company went through, we have realized that as ADAMAR there are more we can do for sustainability. We organised meetings with our employees, debated with them and all together we set 17 sustainability goals. We made plans regarding the realization of our targets and what needs to be done within the framework of sustainability and decided to implement these plans as of 2023. Taking into consideration the importance of this project, we have taken it out of the borders of Turkey, by involving not only our offices in Izmir, Istanbul, Mersin, Hatay and Kocaeli but also our international offices in China, the Netherlands and Greece. In order co-operate with national and international non-governmental organizations on the sustainability activities we have held meetings and already planned more for the future. In the pursuance of the sustainability goals we are aiming to comply with the published guidelines and the international standards. We want and we consider it as our social responsibility to contribute primarily in the fields of health, environment, climate, risk management, social and economic development and consequently to obtain an active role in every area where sustainability is involved. Our vision is to fulfill this task, involve our partners in our project and together to make a faster change. Having in mind that all this process is only the beginning and believing that there will be great leaps in the realm of sustainability , we promise that our engagement and our efforts towards sustainability will be increased year by year.


Managing Director

Adamar International Maritime Services Inc. Sustainability Report 2022

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