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Services & Repairs

Our technical services program is operated and supervised by our marine background staff (Master Mariners and Chief Engineers) in order to achieve best quality with cost and time effective results. When a service inquiry received, our team evaluates and understand customer expectations, and provide a valid plan at reasonable and competitive rates. In order to achieve best result, we both use our own boarding team and cooperate with our approved third party workshops and technicians whenever it is needed. Riding team with Seaman’s Book and Schengen visa is also a good option for the customers who needs their vessel operating while the repairs are ongoing.

List of services provided are as follows:

  • M/E and A/E Repairs and Overhauls

  • Annual & 5-Yearly Inspections of FFE & LSA (SCBA, EEBD, Fixed FFE, Portable FFE, etc.)

  • Annual & 5-Yearly Inspections of Liferafts, Lifeboats & Davit Inspections

  • GMDSS & Bridge Equipment Inspections, Radio Surveys, Services and Spare Parts Supply

  • Calibration & Certification of Various Types Equipment (ODME, 15 PPM, Other Various Sensors & Gauges)

  • Class Approved Underwater Hull Inspections & Temporary Overboard Pluggings

  • UTM (1st, 2nd, 3rd SS with IACS Class Approved Companies), Ultrasound Test and NDT

  • Seachest and Propeller Cleaning, Anode Installation

  • Fabrication, Repair & Installation of Class Approved Accommodation & Pilot Assist Ladders

  • Fabrication of Ship Specific Structures and Fittings (Manholes, Access Hatches, Ventilation Openings, Windlass Parts, Ship Specific Piping & Fittings)

  • Anchor & Anchor Chain Cable Replacement

  • Cargo Hold Cleaning & Coating Services

  • Accommodation A/C Repair Service

  • Cargo Hatch Cover Ram Overhaul & Rod Replating

  • Incinerator & Boiler Repairs and Services

  • Governor Overhaul and Exchange

  • PLC & PCB Card Repair and IT Services

  • Certified Steel Plate Renewal and WPQR/WPS Certified Welding Jobs

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