General Stores

World-class, professional, fast, and cost-effective ship supply with comprehensive stock in all ports, terminals, and seaways of Turkey

Catering & Bonded Stores

Essential provisions for diverse crews. Fresh, frozen, and dry goods, plus bonded products. Quality and reliability assured.

Marine Valves

Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Marine Valves, Offering Unmatched Product Range, Robust Stock, Global Reach, and Expert Support.

Marine Power & Instrument Cables

Your ultimate solution partner for the supply of marine power & instrument cables with Europe's most diversified and substantial stock

Mooring Lines & Riggings

Supply of top-quality mooring ropes and tails with extensive stock and MEG4 compliance in all ports, terminals, and seaways of Turkey

Packing & Sealings

Comprehensive sealing solutions for safety and environmental protection. Quality products and expert consultancy.

Rubber Factory

Custom rubber products for the maritime industry. Quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction from Adamar.

Container Lashing Equipment

Ensure your container safety with IACS-certified container lashing items, robust stock levels, and stringent quality with fast service.

Anchor & Chain

Supply and installation of Anchors & Chains with comprehensive stock for Commercial Shipping in all ports, shipyards and straits of Turkey

Services & Repairs

Feel the confidence of a skilled team only focused on delivering high-quality maritime solutions through expert management and partnerships

Shipyard Attendance

Expert support for drydocking vessels. Proactive, efficient, and cost-effective services at Tuzla, Yalova, and ICDAS shipyards.

Marine Logistics

Expert handling of marine logistics. 24/7 service for spares, customs clearance, storage, and delivery across Turkiye.

In-House Workshop

Discover Adamar's in-house workshop: expert marine fabrication using advanced technology to create durable, high-quality marine parts and equipment