One of the most essential needs of merchant vessels is access to good quality and various consumables at competitive prices. Therefore, most inquiries include general stores, including cabins, decks, engines, electrical stores, nautical equipment, and stationery. Our expert procurement team, with their vast knowledge and experience, can efficiently and accurately assist the technical purchasers and crew on board, ensuring the highest quality of products.

Where do we buy the products?

With a rich history in the maritime industry, Adamar has honed its expertise in stocking general stores. Our highly skilled procurement department sources every item from direct local and international manufacturers and distributors, ensuring the reliability and quality of our products. Our China office, operational since 2017, bolsters our purchasing network, further enhancing the reliability of our sourcing and maintaining a seamless supply chain to our main warehouses in Turkey. This commitment to reliability sets us apart and instills confidence in our clients.

A strong stock with continuously increasing capacity

At Adamar, we are not just about products; we are about your satisfaction. We operate six warehouses with a total capacity of 20,000 m2, stocking over 10,000 different types of technical products, all readily available on our shelves. Our procurement team is dedicated to continually improving our product range to meet ever-changing customer demands, crew feedback, and advancements in technology and the market. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations.

The brief list of General Stores is as follows;

  • Deck Stores
  • Engine Stores
  • Cabin Stores
  • Electrical Stores
  • Nautical Equipment & Stationery
  • Safety Equipment (LSA & FFE )
  • Anti-Piracy Equipment
  • Marine Paints & Application Equipment
  • Marine Chemicals
  • Hydroblasters & Associated Spares
  • Medicines & Medicals

Our team of experts ensures that every product meets the required specifications and standards. If we receive negative customer feedback, we investigate the case and change the product or the vendor if necessary. At Adamar, we take pride in delivering the optimum quality products at competitive prices to our clients, and we will continue to do so.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About General Stores
Our local warehouse in Turkey is located in Tuzla/Istanbul, Aliaga/Izmir, Mersin & Iskenderun. We also have warehouses in Rotterdam and China operated by our personnel.
Our warehouses operate 24/7, and we continue our delivery on-board operations during weekends and holidays. However, the operational planning, local supply, and customs permissions are organized during working days/hours.
We submit our offers within 24 hours after receiving the inquiry.
Yes, we do. We have solid stock for the above products. We specifically order 60Hz household appliances for our stock.
We successfully complete many supplies before northbound and after southbound transits. We carefully monitor vessels’ movements, load the supply barges before arrival, and complete the operations quickly without causing any off-hires.
We regularly complete 60-70 deliveries daily in all ports and seaways of Turkey.
Yes, of course. One of our primary targets is to combine all deliveries to minimize the delivery charges and reduce our carbon footprint.
We intentionally club all deliveries to optimize the delivery charges.
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