The task can often be daunting when it comes to sourcing marine anchors, anchor chains, and joining accessories. This is especially true for vessels undergoing shipyard repairs, who are frequently required to replace their equipment when damaged or worn beyond acceptable limits. However, Adamar's customers experience no such difficulties. They benefit from the assurance of a reliable partner that stands behind them with a wide range of high-quality products, making the procurement process a breeze.
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A robust and diversified stock for commercial shipping

Our team's sole focus is on commercial shipping anchors and chains. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to carefully observe the equipment on board existing ships and understand our customers' needs. This expertise allows us to confidently select the right products for our customers, ensuring our stock is tailored to their demands. We always aim to be our customers' ultimate supplier so they can find the best service at a single contact, instilling confidence in the quality of our products.

How do we manage the procurement processes?

Adamar is locally present in very different corners of the world and has full-time employees in China. That international presence allows us to locate the best products from the World-Class manufacturers at the best price levels. Our officers visit the production bases to audit them before establishing a new business relationship. We initiate our cooperation once we ensure that a manufacturer meets international standards and is approved by all major classification societies. Then, we carefully observe the production and certification stages of the products we have ordered.
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What products do we offer from our stock?

  • AC-14 High Holding Power Anchors, weight ranging from 3040 kgs to 13350 kgs
  • Spek Stockless Anchors, weight ranging from 6000 kgs to 9300 kgs
  • Studlink Anchor Cable Chains, Grade 3, size ranging from 40 mm to 95 mm
  • Kenter Joining Shackles, Grade 3, size ranging from 40 mm to 95 mm
  • Swivel Forerunners, Grade 3, size ranging from 40 mm to 95 mm
  • Anchor D-End Shackles, Grade 3, size ranging from 40 mm to 95 mm
  • Swivel Shackles, Type-B, Grade 3, size ranging from 50 mm to 81 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Anchor & Chain
Yes, we do. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the anchor and chain installation operations.
We can make the installations at the anchorage and layby berth. Istanbul Strait (Bosphorus), Bay of Izmit, Nemrut Bay (Aliaga), Port of Mersin, and Port of Iskenderun are favorable anchor and chain installation points.
Yes, we do. We load the equipment on barges and proceed to the anchorage area. We position the barges at the ship’s bow and pick up the chains and anchors in a very short time.
We keep our stock in Tuzla/Istanbul, near the Tuzla and Yalova Shipyards.
It is a routine practice for us to make deliveries in Tuzla and Yalova Shipyards. After the chain calibration, our customers order precisely the needed quantity. They order more from us if they need more equipment, and we deliver quickly.
Yes, it is. We can quickly load the equipment and deliver them within the same day.
Yes, we very frequently do. While our logistics team arranges the best price with the shortest delivery time, our customs team arranges the customs formalities to dispatch the goods to our customers. We frequently dispatch products to Bulgaria and Romania.
Yes, you can. We will keep your ordered equipment in our warehouse until your vessel arrives and supply it before her dry dock.
We offer class certificates for each unit of anchor & chain, mainly from DNV, ABS, and LR.
Yes, it is possible. If a customer requires another certificate different than the original product, we easily arrange recertification as all IACS members approve our selected manufacturers.
Transit with the missing equipment from the Turkish Straits is subject to extra measures. If your vessel loses one of her anchors and chains, her transit will be substantially delayed due to local regulations. She must wait until the weather improves, and her transit is only allowed during daylight hours with a tugboat escort. We experienced delays of 10 days in some cases.
Kenter Joining Shackles are detachable links that enable us to connect each chain section to the other.
Although they look similar, they are not the same. Crown shackles are D-type shackles connected to the anchor shank’s end and permanently fixed to the anchor. However, Anchor D-end shackles are sold separately and used between Crown Shackle and Swivel Forerunner’s End Link. While a Crown Shackle has round-shaped pins, the Anchor Shackles have oval pins.
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