Who We Are?

Adamar was founded in 2003 in Aliaga/Izmir by Mr. Taner Topkara, who has been the President since the beginning, to serve and supply the vessels calling Turkish Ports & Straits. Over the years, thanks to the commitment of our qualified & experienced staff, whose hard work has enabled us to quickly adapt to the ever-changing demands of the ship supply industry, we proudly managed to become a sector leader in the region and expanded our presence worldwide.

The journey started with minimal capacity and manpower, nowadays extends to more than 500 employees, four national (Izmir, Istanbul, Bosphorus, Mersin), and five international offices (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Piraeus, Rotterdam), and more than 20000 m2 aggregate storage capacity.

We are proud to be a member of ISSA, IMPA, TURSSA, and TRADE NET. Being certified with ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001, and ISO45001, we run our business in full compliance with international regulations and quality, safety & environmental standards.

Our dynamic, solution-oriented and competent team quickly evaluates and processes your inquiries, submits our quotations with the most competitive prices, provides the comfort of 24/7 accessibility and executes on-time deliveries and operations in all ports, terminals and seaways of Türkiye.

Go Confidently with us…


To empower our employees to achieve our company’s vision and to invest on our organizational capacity so that we become our customer’s choice of preference.


To be the most trusted maritime services provider company for our customers, our colleagues, our business partners, our suppliers and environment. To become a sectoral global leader by providing competitive and sustainable maritime services, by honoring our values, by protecting our environment and future generations.


Respecting and Caring for each other, our customers and our community.


Why Choose For Us?

Adamar is a multidisciplinary ship supply and service-providing company that manages to harmonize different divisions under one roof. We offer top-quality provision, specific products imported to make the crew feel at home, consumables with optimum quality and price, and unrivaled service quality.

Adamar also offers stock availability of non-standard items, e.g., marine valves, anchors & chains, spare parts, cargo care products, and special fabricated items. Our skilled and experienced service teams offer a broad range of repairs & services and remote assistance whenever needed.

When you appoint your service provider as Adamar, you have the privilege to access a world-class service, a team that communicates with you in marine language and a carefully selected stock with more than 10,000 different items procured from various corners of the World. Please take a look at our services to have a more profound idea about us.

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15.000 SUPPLIES (per year)


Since we started as a small company in 2003, we kept creating our own path; we recognized that ourselves was our biggest competitor; we broke out of our shells to adapt with the global changes and marine world demands; we always worked hard to become better and stronger every day.


Start-Up @ Aliaga

ADAMAR INTERNATIONAL SHIP SUPPLY has been established by the sole owner Mr Taner Topkara at Aliaga, Izmir, Turkiye in 2003. Aliaga is a very busy hub for the container & lpg tankers and bulk carrier vessels; and very convenient logistic location for ship supply sector.


The First Branch Office @ Istanbul

ADAMAR ISTANBUL BRANCH OFFICE started its operations at Bosphorus Straits & Istanbul Ports in 2006 with its own employees.

Registration @ TURSSA & IMPA & ISSA

ADAMAR has become the member of national and international ship supply associations.

The Second Branch Office & Warehouse @ Tuzla

ADAMAR TUZLA BRANCH OFFICE has started to offer services at Tuzla & Yalova shipyards area. Since then our Shipyard Team is the best team of dedicated & experienced professionals with marine background, who are totally responsible for the vessels dry-docking in Turkish shipyards.

Customs Department @ Aliaga

ADAMAR has seen the big demand on inbound and outbound ship spare parts in transit and decided to establish in-house customs department who enabled to offer cost effective and efficient services. This was also the start of our logistic department as well…

Head-Office & Bonden Warehouse @ Aliaga Organized Industrial Zone

ADAMAR has moved to our current main head-office with 2500 sqm bonded warehouse, having the biggest stock & supply capacity for provisions & technical stores & spare parts in transit in 2014. After moving to our new & modern facility, Adamar has been certified by ISO for quality, environment, food safety, occupational health and safety.


The Third Branch Office & Warehouse @ Izmit

After increasing the capacity of service areas and stock availability for both technical & provisions stores, ADAMAR has opened the third branch office and 2500 sqm warehouse in Izmit which enabled us to be local supplier in Istanbul and Izmit Ports by providing quick operations. By the help of this warehouse we increased our stock capacity of technical stores.

ADAMAR Software Development (APPA)

ADAMAR pushed the start button for creating our own software by developing a custom-made ship supply software (APPA) for every departments starting from purchasing, sales, customs, warehouse, till accounting and finance departments at all offices and warehouses. Now Adamar has a team of 5 dedicated software engineers and keeps developing it with new technologies & as per demands. APPA enabled us to prepare and send more quotations in less time, integrated with many new customer systems, managed & controlled warehouse and supply operations by mobile terminals & barcoding system.

ADAMAR's First International Office @ China

CHINA office has been established as the first international office for mainly procurement purposes. This office has been managed by our own employee Capt Nihat Karabiber who sailed as captain for long years and also worked at our Shipyards office before taking this important role. Thanks to China office, we can provide good quality stock items with competitive price and started to offer technical stores.

The Fourth Branch Office & Warehouse @ Iskenderun/Mersin

As Iskenderun & Mersin region is another busy hub and we started to receive many orders to be delivered every day, we established our office & warehouse with our own employees. ADAMAR has become local supplier in this region as well. All our branches maintain the same working ethics and the professional operations by giving utmost care to each vessels with punctual and correct supplies.

Representative Office @ Hong Kong

Our representative Mr Rakesh Sethi sailed as chief engineer for long years and worked as vessel manager in one of the biggest ship management companies in Hong Kong , joined our team & started to manage our Hong Kong representative office in 2018

Gasket Market (Sealing Solutions)

As Adamar, we made a significant investment in sealing solutions in 2018, which are crucial for ensuring the safety of your cargo, personnel, and vessels, as well as preventing environmental pollution.

ADAMAR B.V. @ Rotterdam

ADAMAR B.V. has been established in Rotterdam where is the largest seaport in Europe and very convenient location for logistic operations between Turkey and The Netherlands. Adamar B.V. set-up presently offers mainly technical & inspection services, repair jobs and stores supply in European ports with an expert team. Mrs Melike Bayraktar, now sales and business development manager of Adamar B.V., transferred to this office after working 12 years in Adamar head office in Turkey.


Representative Office @ Greece

Our Greece representative office is located in the city centre of Pireaus where is the heart of Hellenic Maritime. Mrs Eleni Skafida Cetindag used to work in our Istanbul office for the last four years and in the end of 2022, she obtained her new role at this office regarding the business development & marketing activities.

New Premises: Office, Warehouse & Workshop at Tuzla, Istanbul

Taking into consideration the growing demands of the market, our constantly expanding clientele and the needs of our customers, in 2022 we have taken one step ahead with the investment into new facilities at Tuzla, including offices, local and transit warehouses and our own workshop with electronic and high quality equipment with the sole purpose of providing the best and most economical services to our customers.
By this way we are able to offer a wider range of products and services, in a very short period of time , at better quality and at the lowest cost whenever requested.


Rubber Factory

Under our ADAMAR RUBBER brand, established in 2023, we commenced initial test productions in June 2024 following meticulous planning.


Representative Office @ Singapore

Our new representative office has been established in Singapore in 2024. This expansion represents a significant milestone in our growth strategy, enabling us to foster stronger relationships and maintain the business development & marketing activities in the Asia-Pacific region.


Our Quality Policy

As one of the leading companies in marine sector, Adamar, in the framework of the measures needed for protecting the provisions and bonded supply chain, technical stores and spare parts shipments, customs and exports transactions and all the logistics, storage, accounting, finance and information processing activities related to these transactions, has created a policy by taking into consideration all the main and supportive procedures required for maintaining and securing all the activities mentioned above.

Adamar has made a risk assessment of each process in order to reach the target of 100% customer satisfaction, determined performance criteria for its continuous improvement and evaluates its performances in periodically held meetings. With this perspective, our company continues its activities under the supervision of impartial certification bodies within the scope of international management standards.

Adamar has established and manages an integrated management system for international standards. It obtains ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate regarding service quality. It has made a HACCP analysis for the safety of all the provisions it buys, stores and transfers, and has established and documented the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System. It has established an effective ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system, taking into account the fields in which all personnel operate. It identified the risks in the work areas and preferred the most effective methods to minimize them. It provides all the personal protective equipment that the employees need and raises their awareness to inform them about the risks. Adamar is aware of its responsibility related to its effects on the environment and the use of natural resources. Therefore, Adamar has an effective strategy to minimize the natural resources, and it uses more renewable energy sources. Adamar has identified its wastes and makes the reduction and disposal of the wastes taking into account the legal regulations. It has documented its activities towards the environment with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and continues to maintain it effectively. Adamar also has documentation on these activities.

Finally, our company has an effective infrastructure to protect the information it uses in all processes. Adamar has met ISO 27001 information security requirements, defined and protected the information that needs to be protected. It has documented these activities as in other international standards. You can access the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 22301, ISO 26000, ISO 37001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 certificates of Adamar from the links below.


Our Quality Certificates

Being certified with below listed ISO certificates, we run our business in full compliance with international regulations and quality, safety & environmental standards.