Sealing Solutions, Technical Plastics and Industrial Fluids

In 2018, Adamar made a significant investment in sealing solutions that are crucial for the safety of cargoes you carry as well as the safety of your personnel and vessels; and the prevention of environmental pollution.

Our experienced technical team always strives to provide the right solutions to all potential needs of our customers in this field. Additionally, we ensure that our stocks are compatible with the maritime sector.

We carefully select our products from globally recognized, ethically committed, and environmentally conscious manufacturers such as Devcon, Weicon, Winkel, Belzona, Loctite, Shell, Mobil, CRC, Mareflex, Jayem Non-Asbestos Jointings, Donit Jointings, Klinger, and others.

Additionally, we import rubber gaskets, PTFE sheets and rods, Viton sheets, asbestos-free gaskets, silicone sheets, and graphite gaskets from major manufacturers worldwide. We also manufacture ready-to-use gaskets from these products with our in-house cutting machines.

Our main goal is to not only supply products to our customers' ships but also to act as a consultant, recommending optimum quality products at the right cost and in line with the latest technologies.


Non-asbestos jointing sheets are widely used across multiple industries, including maritime, automotive, refineries, and petrochemical plants. These sheets serve the purpose of creating a diverse range of ready-to-use gaskets in varying dimensions.

Thickness availability: 0,50 mm, 1,00 mm, 1,50 mm, 2,00 mm, 2,50 mm, 3,00 mm –,4,00 mm, 5,00 mm, 6,00 mm
Maximum Operation Temperature: up to 650*C
Maximum operation pressure: up to 250 bar
Applications areas: water, seawater, oil, fuel, acids, chemicals etc


Flange gaskets are the predominant sealing product utilized on ships, and their quality and durability are paramount. These gaskets can be tailored to meet specific pressure, temperature, and dimensional requirements. We maintain a stock of standard-size flange gaskets that adhere to JIS, ANSI, and DIN standards, with a temperature range from -200°C to 750°C.


Recognizing the challenge of finding spare parts for marine valves, we are actively committed to maintaining a readily available stock of valve seats from major manufacturers such as ACE Valve, Nakakita Valve, and Keystone Valve.


Tank lid packs play a vital role in maintaining the integrity and safety of marine vessels by providing reliable sealing solutions for tank lids, preventing leaks, and ensuring the secure containment of cargo during transportation.

The packing material typically consists of a combination of rubber, PTFE, fiberglass, and graphite. These materials are chosen for their resilience, durability, and ability to maintain sealing integrity over extended periods.

We have the capability to manufacture tank lid packs based on our customers' specifications.

Below are the various stock sizes available:
Square types from 20 mm to 60 mm
Rectanguler types from 15 mm to 60 mm


According to the requests coming from vessels, we can manufacture packing glands with desired dimensions and specifications using materials such as PTFE, graphite, fiberglass, and others.


These gaskets are very important for vessel cooling systems and operation of heat exchangers. Their sealing must be very tightened to prevent fluid mixing and facilitate efficient heat transfer.

According to the samples or technical drawings from your vessels, If products are not available in stock as original spare parts; we help our customers with our quality custom manufacturing with short delivery times.


PTFE sheets and rods are used as sealing materials in various industries due to their excellent sealing properties and resistance to chemicals and high temperatures. They are used for making gaskets, O-rings, and packings for sealing applications. Especially on tanker vessels, It is particularly the most important sealing material. Our product specifications are below.

Material : %100 ptfe
Maximum temperature: up to 260*C
Suitable for various chemicals

Available sheet dimensions :
0,50 mm , 1,00 mm , 1,50 mm , 2,00 mm , 3,00 mm , 4,0 mm , 5,00 mm , 6,00 mm , 8,00 mm , 10,00 mm , 15,00 mm
1500 x 1500 mm , 1000 x 1000 mm , 1200 x 10000 mm

Available rod dimensions; 10 mm to 200 mm dia, 30 cm to 150 cm lengths


Spiral wound gaskets are highly specialized gaskets from an engineering perspective. They are safely used in maritime, refineries, and petrochemical industries where high mechanical properties and chemical resistance are required simultaneously. Along with our tailored stocks, we are also capable of custom-manufacturing this product according to your specific requests and needs.

Available types:
Round shape (R), Round shape with Outer Ring (OR), Round shape with Inner Ring (IR), Round shape with Inner and Outer Ring (IOR)

Materials : PTFE , graphite , sus304 , sus316 , sus321 , Monel , carbon steel

Dimensions; JIS norms 5k – 10k – 16k , DIN norms PN10 , PN16 , PN20, ANSI norms 150lbs, 300lbs etc


These products offer crucial solutions for shipbuilding and maintenance with their unique characteristics. We stock a wide range of products with strong adhesive properties, capable of withstanding fresh water, oil, fuel, seawater, various chemicals, and corrosion. They also exhibit high mechanical resistance to pressure.

Various Stocks and Brands
Plastic Steel Putties ; devcon, weicon , winkel, bellzona
Threadlockers ; winkel, Loctite , weicon
Adhesives : Loctite , weicon , winkel


Antispray tapes are applied around pipe flanges and fittings to direct any potential leakage away from the possible areas of ignition. They are equipped with a flame-retardant (self-extinguishing) adhesive layer to enhance safety standards even further. The adhesive layer is very strong and resistant to high temperatures. We have been working with MAREFLEX since 2018 supplying their MF03 antispray tape model products to our customers and keeping their stocks in our warehouse.

Certificates: KR, CCS, DNV, ABS, CLASS NK
Maximum pressure: 25 bar
Temperature Range : -40*C to +160*C
Chemical Resistants: oils, grease, fuels, aliphatic solvents, weak acids, salts and alkalis
Available dimensions ;
35 mm , 50 mm , 75 mm , 100 mm , 140 mm , 250 mm , 500 mm / 10 mtr rolls


Contact cleaners, oil-free or lubricant
Anti-seize metal sprays
Silicone sprays
Non-flammable Smoke Detector Test Sprays
Cleaner Sprays, Non-flammable cleaner Sprays
WD 40 Multipurpose sprays
Corrosion preventing Sprays
Remover Sprays
Paint Sprays



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Packing & Sealings
We source our products from reputable manufacturers, authorized distributors, and certified suppliers worldwide to ensure quality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.
Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate special requests and custom orders from our clients. we strive to fulfill the unique requirements of each vessel efficiently and effectively.
We have stringent quality control processes in place to ensure that all products supplied meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and compliance. Our team carefully inspects and verifies products before delivery to ensure they adhere to industry regulations and customer expectations.
Yes, if there is logistic possibilities, we can send our Products to all over the World.
Our products definitely do not contain asbestos.
We have special seals in our stocks that are resistant to oil, fuel, acid, and aggressive chemicals, and we can also quickly supply requested custom products.
If we have stocks ; we can send them all over the World in 1-2 working days. If there is no availiability in our stocks; we will need 7 – 10 working days to supply.
Yes we are keeping standart flange Gaskets as JIS, DIN and ANSI norms. If you need special dimensions; we can manufacture in 2 working days.
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