Being aware of the importance that the logistics has in the supply chain, here at Adamar we treat logistics with a special care.

We run our logistics services via our specialized Marine Logistics Department and a dedicated team.

To control and successfully handle the whole process, our Logistics Department is in close cooperation with our Sales, Customs, Operations and the Warehouse Departments.

We professionally handle below services:

Our dedicated Marine Logistics Department assists our customers’ logistics related requirements for their vessels’ Turkiye calls 24/7.
  • Ship’s Spares in transit customs clearance, storage and delivery onboard your vessels in all ports & straits of Turkiye.
  • Landing of spares from vessel, storaging & forwarding them to desired destination by most convenient mode of transport.
  • Exporting and forwarding your orders from our warehouses in Turkiye to desired destination by most convenient mode of transport.
  • Collecting your orders at origin, forwarding them to our warehouses in Turkiye and delivering them onboard at requested ports.
  • Collection of Fuel Oil, Lub Oil and other samples from vessels and forward them to global laboratories for analysis.
  • Landing and shifting of spares from one vessel to another in all ports & straits of Turkiye.
  • Landing of spares for repair purpose.

We provide safe & temporary free storage of your spares in our transit/tax free warehouses as well as consolidate the delivery of your “ship’s spares in transit” with the supply of stores and provisions orders placed with us which is time and cost saving for our customers.

You forward your shipments to us and our expertised team will take care about the rest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Marine Logistics
We can handle all types of courier, air, road and sea freight shipments.
Provided that the dangerous goods are shipped from the origin with proper documentation, we can clear, store and deliver them onboard without any problem.
Minimum 1-2 working days are required to clear courier, air and road freights. Minimum 2-3 working days are required to clear the sea freights.
Depending on the spares final destination, the shipment should be sent to Istanbul Airport in Istanbul (IST) or Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir (ADB).
Landing Report, Proforma Invoice and MSDS (if applicable).
Prepaid DHL Air Waybill is not necessarily needed. If it is not available, we can send the samples using our own DHL Account.

We can make the delivery either during vessels’ INBOUND/NORTHBOUND or their OUTBOUND/SOUTHBOUND passages through Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.

INBOUND/NORTHBOUND passage delivery: One-way traffic system is imposed at Bosphorus Strait/Istanbul. Vessels are not allowed to transit Bosphorus Strait directly on arrival. Therefore, vessels will be instructed either to come to the anchorage area or to drift S/W of Sivriada Island and wait for VTS Instruction for northbound transit.
If vessels don’t come to the anchorage area, they can easily take the supplies while drifting at Istanbul Roads waiting for their transit instructions from VTS. Delivery takes place at 2-3 miles South-West of Sivriada Island zone, Bosphorus Strait (LAT 40* 51’18.39 N/LONG 028*56’55.07). We carry out the deliveries immediately upon vessels’ arrival, so that the delivery operation does not effect vessel’s transit schedule and cause an off hire.
Therefore, vessels can follow the instructions of VTS and declare transit readiness so that VTS arranges their passage schedule/turn same way as if vessels didn’t take any supply.

OUTBOUND/SOUTHBOUND passage delivery: The delivery takes place underway at slow speed after the vessel disembarks the pilot at Haydarpasa region southern entrance of Bosphorus Strait, at B4-C1 position (N40° 56,435 – E28° 53,569 / N40° 56,253 E28° 53,125)

Boat service is necessary for delivery at Bosphorus Strait. Unless arranged by your agent, we can arrange the boat service from our end.
The duration of the delivery operation depends on the number of the pallets to be delivered, vessel’s crane speed and the weather conditions. Average delivery time is 45 to 60 min.
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