Our remarkable journey commenced in 2018 with a humble in-house workshop primarily supporting Adamar Valve’s operations. Initially, our focus was on modifying and converting valves. However, as we started receiving small projects from our Shipyards Division, we saw an opportunity to expand our capabilities. These minor scale works served as a testing ground for fabricating various marine-related parts, igniting our ambition to take on more significant projects.

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Expansion of the workshop, a bigger place with more investment

In May 2022, we relocated our primary premises in Istanbul to Tuzla Birlik OSB, and we dedicated a 1000 m2 section of the warehouse solely for the workshop. We invested in more computerized and sophisticated equipment to enhance our productivity and cost-efficiency for our clients. Today, we operate CNC steel cutting machines, vertical and horizontal CNC Machining Centers, and welding machines under one roof. With our high-tech equipment and highly qualified personnel, we can fabricate even the most intricate parts quickly and in large quantities. Our modern equipment allows us to harmonize humankind's creativity with machines' productivity.

Time to prove our competence with class approval

By the beginning of 2024, we embarked on a journey to obtain the Welding Workshop Approval (WWA) Certificate. This rigorous process involves DNV approving our workshop’s management system, our welding procedures, and the qualifications of our welders for specific positions. This certification will enable us to undertake class-involved fabrications and significantly enhance our productivity. It's a testament to our commitment to quality and professionalism, ensuring our customers can rely on us for their fabrication needs.

Why choose the Adamar Workshop?

At Adamar, our sole focus is marine supplies and services. This dedicated specialization ensures that every item we fabricate is tailored to meet the unique demands of maritime operations and harsh marine environments. Our dedicated specialization and extensive experience in the marine industry allow us to concentrate all our expertise and resources on meeting the unique demands of the marine industry. You can be confident that you benefit from our deep industry knowledge, precise fabrication skills, and years of hands-on experience, ensuring the highest quality products tailored specifically for marine applications.

Some of our fabrication range is as follows:

  • Pipe sections & spools
  • Stainless steel & carbon steel cargo reducers
  • Watertight doors & hatches
  • Bobby hatches
  • Tank manhole covers
  • Mushroom & gooseneck ventilation
  • Bollards, pedestal roller fairleads
  • Crane sheaves, sheave pins
  • Seachest filter casings, stainless-steel strainers
  • Hydraulic square flanges & associated fittings
  • Hawser reels & their braking mechanisms
  • Lashing bins of any size
  • Hatchcover guides, handrails
  • Hatchcover resting pads/lubripads, raised holders, and associated accessories
  • Pump shafts, wear rings, impellers
  • Any non-standard welded & machined parts
  • Sounding pipes & caps

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About In-House Workshop
Adamar Workshop fabricates a wide range of marine parts and equipment using steel, stainless steel, and brass materials. Our fabrication processes include machining, welding, and custom manufacturing tailored to meet the unique demands of maritime operations.
Our in-house workshop has advanced machinery, including two vertical CNC machining units, one horizontal CNC machining unit, two lathes, one CNC steel cutting unit, and welding machines. This equipment enables us to perform various fabrication processes with high precision.
Yes, Adamar specializes in custom fabrication to meet specific client requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver tailored solutions that meet the stringent demands of the marine industry.
Yes, we can fabricate large numbers of products quickly by using our CNC units.
This is the best and most preferred way of fabrication. We always ask our customers to provide product drawings for the best and quickest result.
It is one of our primary production methods, especially for dry-dock vessels. We prepare the product drawings by measuring the sample products. Then, we use the proper production methods to finalize the production.
Of course, we can. If our customer doesn’t have any technical information, we prepare a drawing based on the details provided by the vessel. We then share our drawing with the crew to ensure the physical product matches the drawing exactly. Once all details are agreed upon, we proceed with the fabrication. Our extensive experience ensures we can deliver precise and high-quality results.
Yes, we can. We use our manual lathe for this particular task. We obtain the drawings and necessary information from the client and fabricate the deck crane sheaves very quickly.
We frequently fabricate carbon steel and stainless steel cargo reducers for our clients. After the production, we apply a pressure test to each reducer and prove their structural integrity.
Our Bosphorus Team collects the samples from the vessel before your vessel’s N/B Transit Bosphorus. Our Customs Department arranges clearance and legal landing of the samples. Then, we quickly transfer the samples to our workshop for fabrication as per the sample. We deliver the samples and newly fabricated items after your vessel’s S/B transit. This seamless process is a result of the close cooperation between our different departments.
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