Professional assistance is always critical for drydocking vessels. While the superintendents and crews are very busy with many different maintenance jobs and tasks, they mostly need to feel a trustworthy partner next to them who provides correct, fast, and cost-effective supplies and services to minimize docking period and the total expenses. With this motivation years ago, we formed a dynamic team of colleagues with marine backgrounds who spoke the marine language with the superintendents and the crew.

The Crucial Role of Our Field Representatives

Our field representative team, comprised of seasoned professionals with deep-rooted marine backgrounds, takes a proactive stance in understanding the unique needs of our clients. Before the vessels even set sail, we initiate the necessary supply and service arrangements to have all ordered products on board upon arrival at the shipyard. This proactive approach ensures precise and efficient service and guarantees a smooth process, preventing any unnecessary delays that incorrect or missing deliveries could cause.

Our commitment to service extends far beyond the initial delivery. Our representatives visit their assigned ships each morning, following shipyard meetings, and engage in detailed discussions with the superintendents and crew members to thoroughly understand and document their requirements. They collect supply lists and samples and discuss with the superintendents and crews to understand their needs. This ongoing collaboration between our representatives and customers creates an ideal working environment and facilitates our customers’ operations from the very first day till departure, ensuring a seamless experience.

Exceptional Services for Tuzla, Yalova, and ICDAS Shipyards

At Adamar, we proudly offer exceptional services to vessels arriving at Tuzla, Yalova Shipyards Area, and ICDAS Canakkale Shipyard. Our highly experienced field technical & sales representatives, backed by an incorporated organization, ensure efficient operations 24/7. We further demonstrate our commitment to time efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our strategically located warehouses, in-house workshop, and extensive inventory just 15 minutes from the Tuzla and Yalova shipyards. These resources are a testament to our dedication to valuing your time and resources and providing the most efficient service possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipyard Attendance
We provide services at the Tuzla and Yalova Shipyards regions and the İÇDAŞ shipyard.
Our representatives visit vessels daily to assess and address any issues that may arise.
Most of our representatives have a marine background, and some have significant experience in the ship supply sector.
During the shipyard process, daily planning is conducted. For urgent orders, immediate action is taken, and delivery can be made on the same day.
There is no delivery fee for the Tuzla and Yalova Shipyards.
Our operations department handles all procedures and documentation for the shipyards. Your agent only needs to forward the email to the shipyard management.
Due to the policies of the shipyards, we are generally not permitted to perform such works. However, we may be able to reach an agreement with the shipyard for specific tasks. Therefore, you can submit your requests.
Our Customs Department makes every legal arrangement for the landing before our Operations Department reaches the vessel. We initiate the landing operation after we complete all customs procedures.
According to shipyard safety regulations, we only use shipyard cranes and equipment.
To organize the availability of shipyard cranes, the yard Project Engineers are always informed before major deliveries.
Our strategically located warehouses, in-house workshop, and extensive inventory support our services
Our warehouses are just 15 minutes from the Tuzla and Yalova shipyard regions.
Our team can respond quickly, sometimes completing deliveries within an hour.
Our representatives engage in detailed discussions with the TSI and the ship’s crew to thoroughly understand and document their requirements.
Yes, our team takes immediate action for tasks requiring onboard measurements to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
Shipyard deliveries and operations are always prioritized within our company.
Our in-house workshop has state-of-the-art machinery to produce custom parts and components as needed.
We evaluate the requests directly through the representative assigned to the ship and take the necessary actions to resolve any issues the ship may have.
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