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Marine Power & Instrument Cables

Shipboard power & instrument cables are the arteries and capillaries of the vessels and they are used throughout every structure of vessels similarly human body. As the cables are inevitably used during new building stages of the vessels, they are also commonly needed for existing vessels when they undergo retrofits such as BWTS and scrubber installations, or during repairs after some incidents. Driven by the motivation of being a one-stop supplier, we decided to build our own cable stock to meet increasing customer demands. We have been running our Cable Division since 2018 and managed to fulfill many successful domestic and international deliveries. 


Starting from the beginning of 2023, we enriched our stock with high-voltage (HV) marine power cables and have already been appointed as the supplier for many AMP (Alternative Marine Power) projects.

Our stock cables are divided into following categories:


  • Flame Retardent Power Cables, M2XCH 0.6/1 kV

  • Fire Resistant Power Cables, M2XCH FE180 0.6/1 kV

  • Flame Retardent Instrument Cables, FM2XCH 150/250 V

  • Fire Resistant Instrument Cables, FM2XCH FE180 150/250 V

  • MVCECH 6 / 10 (12) kV High Voltage Cables for AMP Projects

  • TFOI 6/10 kV High Voltage Cables for AMP Projects

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