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Sealant & Gaskets

ADAMAR decided to invest in the industrial gasket solutions sector in 2018. Created a new division to import, manufacture, and supply high-quality industrial sealing products, non-asbestos gasket sheets, sealing compounds, varieties of rubber sheets, packing materials, PTFE materials, and ready-to-use cutted gaskets.

The majority of our products are used in marine and industrial sectors. 

Our staff members with extensive technical knowledge and experience offer high-quality service to our clients, they will offer you the best & cost effective material option to match project requirements.

We are using the latest technology for manufacturing gaskets in our facilities and have many technology options like CNC machines, cad designs, automatic gasket cutters, laser cutting machines etc.  


Nowadays, Adamar is the leading importer and distributor of gasket sheets in Turkiye. Our high quality service and Products proved it-selves in all sectors with many references. 


Our MOTTO remains :

“Products with cost effectiveness quickest service options and a large range with complete guarantee.”

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