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In-House Workshop

It was 2018 when we initially established our in-house workshop in order to support Adamar Valve’s operations. Since our initial plan was only related with the revision & conversion of the valves, we slowly started receiving projects from our Shipyards Division and had chance to test ourselves in terms of fabrication of various marine related parts. When we moved our primary premises to Tuzla Birlik OSB in 2022, we separated 1000 m2 section of the warehouse for the workshop settlement and purchased more computerized and sophisticated equipment in order to be more productive and cost efficient for our clients. Among all other conventional equipment, nowadays we own and operate CNC Laser Steel Cutting Machines, CNC Vertical Machining Center, CNC Lathe in our workshop under one roof. Thanks to our high-tech equipment and highly qualified personal, we are capable of fabricating even most tricky parts in very short period and in very large quantities at the same time.

List of items fabricated are as follows:

  • Pipe Sections & Spools

  • Weathertight Doors & Hatches

  • Bobby Hatches

  • Tank Manhole Covers

  • Mushroom & Gooseneck Ventilations 

  • Bollards, Pedestal Roller Fairleads

  • Crane Sheaves & Sheave Pins

  • Seachest Filter Casings & Stainless-Steel Strainers

  • Hydraulic Square Flanges & Associated Fittings

  • Hawser Reels & Their Breaking Mechanisms

  • Lashing Bins & Flatracks

  • Hatchcover Guides & Handrails

  • Hatchcover Restpads/Lubripads, Raised Holders and Associated Accesssories

  • Pump Shafts, Wear Rings & Impellers

  • Any Kindy of Welded & Machined Parts

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