Supplying Anchor Chains in Under 24 Hours at Yalova Shipyards

During an ongoing special survey in the Yalova shipyards area, one of our valued customers discovered the need to replace all the anchor chains of size 73 mm. The chain calibration was completed in the drydock, and they were a little worried due to the time limitations. They had to bring the new chains and the relevant accessories before the vessel refloated, and they had only three days ahead.

However, we swiftly provided them with a quotation within one hour, offering very competitive prices that were hard to beat and quickly easing their concerns. We expedited the supply of their chains the next day, and they were able to install the new chains the day after they requested the quotation, demonstrating our commitment to providing quality products at competitive prices.

How do we manage to supply the anchor chain within less than 24 hours?

Our stock point is strategically located near Tuzla Shipyards and Yalova Shipyards Area. We maintain a solid stock with an extensive range of products. Our expert team, with their in-depth understanding of customer needs, can usually provide very competitive quotations within less than one hour.

After receiving the order, our mobilization time is also very short, and we can load and dispatch the ordered products very quickly. This rapid response gives you the confidence that your needs will be met swiftly and efficiently.

Cooperate with Adamar and feel no concerns

If you work with Adamar, there is no reason for you to have difficulties locating the anchors and anchor chains. Just drop us an e-mail and enjoy the confidence of having such a professional and strong partner behind your back. Let us cooperate with you to be your solution partner.